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7 Beautiful Places on Instagram

Since becoming the curator of Destination Specialists’ Instagram feed, I’ve come to realize how little I’ve seen of the world. Daily exposure to beautiful landscapes and exciting adventures have really amped my curiosity and has infected me with major #travelust.

I want to share with you seven beautiful places I’ve seen on Instagram (one of which I’ve actually visited and can attest to it’s breathtaking beauty!)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Processing a Philippine Passport

By Carlo Villarica and Jhud Cervantes At Destination Specialists, we get plenty of inquiries about the passport application process. A…

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5 Haunted Places in the Philippines

It’s October and there’s no better time to travel somewhere scary. Instead of celebrating Halloween at home, go on a real spooky adventure. There’s no stopping you. Who knows? You might be surprised to find a scary little spot near you.

The Philippines might be better known for our wonderful people and pristine beaches, but we have a long bloody history which lends itself to a few scary stories as well.

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A Japan Guide…sort of. - Destination Specialists Cebu - Carlo Villarica

A Japan Guide…sort of.

In many ways, Japan is the exact opposite of the Philippines. You could say we occupy opposite points in a spectrum. Here’s a quick example, we as Filipinos are generally flexible when it comes to rules. You could even say we are “too” flexible. The Japanese follow rules to the tee.

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A Day in Hong Kong [PHOTO-ESSAY]

When you have one free day in a city you’re unfamiliar with, it only makes sense to explore and see what you can. A friend and I had a free day in Hong Kong and luckily, it’s a city of walking and great public transport. 

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san francisco

A Different Side to San Francisco [PHOTO-ESSAY]

When we visited California last year, one of our priorities was to stop by San Francisco. If you’ve been reading about travel for a while, it’s not difficult to imagine why we wanted to visit this amazing place.

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copenhagen cafe

7 To Do’s in Copenhagen

Copenhagen ranks up there as one of the most livable cities in the world, at least during the summer months of June July and August. I heard their winters are long and dark, but the Danes still make winter a beautiful affair with sparkling lights and a beautiful city covered in snow.

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How to be a Responsible Traveler

Travel mistakes can be cringe worthy to borderline offensive. Lucky for you, these incidents are also avoidable. Act in a way that if places could speak, they might rate you as a five-star traveler.

Be mindful of the following things:

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road trip in california

Road Trips in California [Photo Essay]

There’s nothing quite like a road trip in California, so many beaches to visit, lots of beautiful quaint towns, and…

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Falling In Love with Siargao [Photo & Video Essay]

One weekend.

That’s all it takes for you to fall in love with Siargao. We all know that learning to surf is on top of the list but we experienced something different. During the two full days that we spent there, we experienced a different side of the island that deeply rooted our love for it.

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