How to be a Responsible Traveler

Travel mistakes can be cringe worthy to borderline offensive. Lucky for you, these incidents are also avoidable. Act in a way that if places could speak, they might rate you as a five-star traveler.

Be mindful of the following things:

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road trip in california

Road Trips in California [Photo Essay]

There’s nothing quite like a road trip in California, so many beaches to visit, lots of beautiful quaint towns, and…

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Falling In Love with Siargao [Photo & Video Essay]

One weekend.

That’s all it takes for you to fall in love with Siargao. We all know that learning to surf is on top of the list but we experienced something different. During the two full days that we spent there, we experienced a different side of the island that deeply rooted our love for it.

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5 Destinations For Women Who Love To Travel Solo

More and more women are traveling solo these days. Sure, it’s scary, but the idea of exploring the world on your own can be empowering as well. It speaks volumes about a woman’s independence and sense of adventure.

Here are 5 of the best destinations for the solo female traveler:

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5 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation should Be on a Cruise

Filipinos usually enjoy big family gatherings and spending time with each other. Our family is not a stranger to the weekly Sunday lunches, but with all of us living in different cities and countries, reunions become a big deal. For this year’s get together, 37 (and still incomplete!) of us went on a 12-day Baltic Cruise aboard Princess Cruises’ Regal Princess. It may sound chaotic having so many people get together almost daily for excursion tours, but it was a blast. My whole family thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and so will you!

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6 Child-Friendly Destinations In The Philippines

Taking your child to vacations has been scientifically proven to improve their over-all development. According to this article by The Telegraph, children who go on holidays with their parents tend to have higher self-esteem and increased brain development. And that’s beside the loads of fun and memories they get when they’re having fun away from home.

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A Look at the Many Faces of France [Rendez-vous en France 2017]

Prior the actual travel market, tour operators were treated to a familiarization tour of Normandy. Here they got to explore spiritual and religious destinations like Le Mont Saint Michel, Alencon, Liseux, and a few more places in between. Post travel market, our CEO continued her spiritual trip to Nevers, Rocamadour, and Lourdes.

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5 Best Barkada Trips in the Philippines

The best trips are the ones shared with friends.

Here are 5 of the best adventures you can have with your crew.

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#YOLO: 7 Awesome Adventures in the Philippines For The Adrenaline Junkie

You only live once, some wise guy said. What better way to live than to live it on the edge? If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for an adventure, this post is for you.
Here are 7 awesome trips in the Philippines for the adrenaline-seeker:

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What To Pack For Your Next Cebu Roadtrip

A road trip to Cebu’s southern towns is something one should experience at least once in their life. Everything you could ever want in a vacation is there: awesome food, exotic adventures, and the wonders of nature are all down that winding road in the south. There’s a surprise waiting in every town, so you better be prepared and ready for an awesome trip.

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