What To Pack For Your Next Cebu Roadtrip

written on May 30th, 2017 by

A road trip to Cebu’s southern towns is something one should experience at least once in their life. Everything you could ever want in a vacation is there: awesome food, exotic adventures, and the wonders of nature are all down that winding road in the south. There’s a surprise waiting in every town, so you better be prepared and ready for an awesome trip.

Here are 6 essentials that you should pack on your next ‘round south trip.

Your Camera  (with extra batteries and memory cards)

Let’s forego food and supplies and start with the really important part: your camera. You can buy food just about anywhere in this trip, but going without a camera? It’s just a sin. From cliff-side views of the ocean to Gatorade-colored waterfalls to old churches—everything is picturesque. I learned that the hard way when my SD card malfunctioned on me while on a road trip. All my photos got wiped out. I swear I died a little inside and wouldn’t wish it to happen to anyone else. So be prepared and pack extra batteries and memory cards for cases like this.

Some grub and hydration

Ok, so now we go to the obvious necessity. Some of the best towns are at least a two hour drive from the city. The whole trip around the south should take a whole weekend, so you better be well-stocked with food and hydration. Pack easy-to-eat food like sandwiches and crackers. Hard boiled eggs and bananas are also a fan favorite, as well as small finger food like hotdogs and siopao when you get really hungry while on the road.

Don’t forget to stop by towns to try their best local cuisine! Carcar has lechon and chicharon. Argao has the best torta and sikwate. And everywhere in between has sea food that would just blow your mind. Skip the Jollibees and 7/11s while you’re at it.

An Awesome Playlist

The road trip is only as good as the playlist, I always say. You’ll be stuck in a moving vehicle for about a couple of hours so music would keep the vibe up. My family and I sing to Disney karaoke for at least an hour straight. Then there was that one time when we played emo songs of old. Whatever floats your boat, make a playlist ahead of time and make sure everyone knows how to sing along.

Camping supplies

Whether you’ve planned to camp out or not, you should not forget to bring camp supplies with you, because you never know! You might be raised in the city where indoor plumbing is the religion, but the magnificent views of the south might just convert you into a nature lover. So bring your tent and your mat. I bet you’ll love camping out after this road trip.

Sunblock, insect repellents and vinegar

You’ll be out in the sun and sea all day, so don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun. If you’re into camping, don’t forget the insect repellents! If you’re a freak like me, don’t forget to pack your hand sanitizer, wipes and meds while you’re at it. The vinegar is not necessarily for food purposes. It’s actually pretty handy when it comes to treating mild jelly stings and itches caused by the sea’s natural fauna. Pack an extra bottle if you’re going to swim somewhere around Moalboal and Pescador.

Your sense of adventure

Well, this is the most essential of all these essentials! Don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure with you. Many people these days do things for the ‘gram. I’m not saying social media is bad, but don’t keep your eyes glued to your phone while on this trip. Take a look outside the car window— there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored and admired. And it’s all beautiful without the filter, too!