Passport Application Process: A Sweet Torture

written on January 10th, 2013 by


*Editor’s Note: If you have any questions about the passport application process, please contact us directly. We try to answer all the comments in the comments section, but sometimes it takes time. Please bear with us.

Patience is a virtue

This is what I said to myself while waiting for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office to open. You can picture the queue when you want to apply for a passport, right?

Expect a long queue — I mean a long loooooooong queue. You’ll be astounded by the people who slept at the side walk just to be counted in for the quota of applicants of the day. Most of these applicants will be working abroad and need to have a passport as soon as possible. That’s why most of them were already there at 1:00 am in the morning.

I arrived there at almost 4:00 am and had to wait for hours more for the priority numbers to be distributed. Then finally the clock struck 7:30 am. An officer came out and distributed priority numbers, but that was not the end of it. I still have to wait an hour and a half for the application process to officially start.  At least I got a priority number already. The DFA office opens at 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm in its new location at the 4th floor of Pacific Mall (Supermetro Mandaue before).

Upon entering the office, the staff initially checked our document and we waited for our numbers to be called. When it was my turn, I proceeded to the 1st step which is the checking and submission of documents. Afterwards, I was finally able to pay the processing fee. Then minutes after, I proceeded to the last step, the biometrics — where they took my picture and my thumb mark.

Once you get through the queue, the whole process becomes smooth and fast. I think I only spent an hour or less for my application. The key here is “once you get through the queue.” While in the queue waiting for your priority number, you could be there for hours (it took me 6 hours). The earlier you are, the earlier you will finish.

What are needed?

1)      Filled-up passport application form

2)      Birth Certificate in Security Paper issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)

  •  Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar is needed when your NSO Birth Certificate is blurred.

3)      Supporting documents to prove your identity: (any 2 of the ff.)

  • Marriage Certificate authenticated by NSO (for married female only)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Any valid government identification card (ID) that shows your picture and signature (NBI Clearance, SSS, BIR, etc.)

4)      Personal appearance to the DFA is ALWAYS A MUST.

These are the basic requirements for first-time applicants. You can check out the Department of Foreign Affairs webpage to find out more about passport renewal, loss and etc.

A friendly reminder:

  • Double check all the required documents and be sure your NSO birth certificate is clear and not blurred. You don’t want to be sleeping again at the sidewalk the next day.
  • Fill-up an application form ahead while queuing to avoid hassle when you are already inside the office.
  • Please wear a polo shirt or polo if you don’t want to wear their half-cut polo used by everyone else.
  • Secure photocopy of your documents and ID just in case needed.

Your other option is apply via a travel agency. Here are the advantages when applying through Destination Specialists.

  • They will verify your documents/requirements ahead to correct the invalid documents.
  • A liaison officer from the agency will line-up and will secure a priority number for you so you don’t need to wake up early. No more sleeping in sidewalks!
  • During your appearance, you will be treated as a VIP. The liaison officer will assist you in every step of the process.
  • When your passport is ready for release, the liaison officer will contact you and advise you to pick it up at the travel agency. So you don’t need to follow-up anymore in the DFA office if your passport is ready for release.

Written by: Jean Del Mar


  • imang


    mag kano po ba ang processing fee ninyo sa regular at rush na passport? San po ba branch ninyu dito sa cebu? Email me please @

    • jean del mar

      Hi Imang,

      We have 3 branches here in Cebu City:

      1) Upper Ground Floor, SM City Cebu – beside PAL office
      2) Ground Floor, Elizabeth Mall (EMall) – fronting Chowking
      3) 2nd Level North Arcade, Banilad Town Center – just above Dimsum Break

      For the rate, rush processing fee costs Php 2,500 for 15 working days. We only assist for rush passport processing. 🙂

      • Janet

        Hi! I want to have my passport being process in your agency. I’m in a hurry for my 4 mos. old daughter got her passport before I do. I only need to get a cfo first but here’s what I got… birth, marriage, baptismal, student drivers permit, postal, and cedula. Do you think you can process it now with these documents?if possible next week?

        • Corazon Shen

          Hi ma’am ask ko lang po kung valid ba ang postal I’d sa pagrenew ng passport.I already renewed my passport for third time,and now my current passport will expired This year of November that is why I have to renew it again.hope to hear from you soon.

          • jean

            Hi Cora! Postal ID is invalid. Do you have any government issued IDs like Phil Health, SSS, GSIS, TIN, Voter’s ID or NBI? that are the valid IDs usually accepted by DFA.

      • jhun

        I have my Driver’s license and NSO. I’ll be getting NBI within this week also. Okay na ba yan kung kukuha ako ng passport? Rush din sana sakin

        • jean

          Hi Jhun! You have to secure baptismal certificate and if you have it already, you are good for application. But be sure your NSO birth is readable or else DFA will ask for your local birth certificate. ^_^

          Just call any of our branches if you prefer for our service. 🙂

  • karenpoh

    Thank you for your information mam/sir JDM. Are they going to give us those papers (NSO, or IDs) back? Thank you

    • jean del mar

      IDs and baptismal certificate will be given back to you. Just secure photo copies of those because they will take the photo copies after checking your original IDs and baptismal certificate.

      For your NSO – birth and marriage, DFA will take those original copy/copies and will not be given back to you.

  • hi @ed8975ecf825974cc9f01c47be61d72b:disqus …im a first time applicant for passport.. i have my requirements (NSO, baptismal and drivers license ID) f pupunta ako sa office niyo bukas when ang possible appointment date po?

    • jean delmar

      Hello! we have one slot available for May 17, friday appointment.

      sorry for the delay! ^^

  • liz

    is it necessary to have TOR’s when applying for passports? ‘coz in my case I can’t secure one..kasi my balance pa akong hndi na babayaran sa skul. =(

    • jean

      Hi Liz! You can just present your VALID student ID if you are still a student and additional supporting document which is baptismal certificate. 🙂

      • liz

        Ndi na po ako ng-aaral ngayon.. I’m currently working po…. will i still be able to process my passport? Though, I still have my ID in college..wahahah…This is wat I have NSO, baptismal cert., NBI, SSS id and company ID.. Ok! na po ba ‘to? ^_^

        • jean

          I bet you’re not a minor anymore because you are already working. Hehehe! Coz minor applicants have different/another necessary document. Based on the documents you have, you are now ready for processing. Just ignore your school id. It is not needed. 🙂

          If your NSO is not readable, you have to secure local birth from LCR.

          • liz

            Thank you! God bless…. =)

          • jean

            You’re welcome Liz! If you are in Cebu, you can contact one of our branches for assistance. God bless you too! 🙂

  • Bart

    mag process unta ko sa ako passport hasula sa DFA ui. anyone can help?

    • jean

      Hi Bart! Destination specialists can help you process your passport with less hassle. You can approach any of our branches stated below. Just be sure to bring necessary documents needed when you go to the office. 🙂

      Our DFA appearance schedule is 1st come 1st reserve basis. So hurry now and reserve a slot as early as possible.

  • Janet

    Hi! I want to have my passport being process in your agency. I’m in a hurry for my 4 mos. old daughter got her passport before I do. I only need to get a cfo first but here’s what I got… birth, marriage, baptismal, student drivers permit, postal, and cedula. Do you think you can process it now with these documents?if possible next week?

    • jean

      Hi Ms. Janet! Our earliest slot for DFA appearance is on July 6, saturday. We can accommodate you on that date if you can submit those present documents that you have and to follow later the required CFO certificate.

      Please be reminded:
      *that slot is 1st come 1st served basis
      *cedula and postal id are NOT VALID as supporting. Better to
      provide NBI or any government IDs with your picture and
      signature. 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Hi! I’m actually a dual citizen (Filipino-American) and I’m trying to replace a lost US passport. The thing is, I need a police report, and to get that, I need the full details of my passport (passport number, date issued, expiration, etc.) and I unfortunately don’t have a copy of that information. I was told that I should go to the DFA and retrieve it. Is the process the same or do I approach someone else on that matter? Thank you!

    • jean

      Hi Ms. Cheryl! DFA doesn’t have any records for US passport holder. You must approach the US Consulate located in Waterfront Lahug, Cebu City.

      But your if you’re trying to ask for your phil. passport details, DFA can provide. I hope this helps. 🙂

      • Cheryl

        Got it. Thank you so much! 🙂

        • jean

          my pleasure mam! ^_^

  • Arlyn Seth

    Hi MsJean, i am planning to renew my expired passport and i only have NSO birth cert., Drivers license, TOR would that be enough to process my passport? Kailangan pa ba mg set appointment before pumunta sa DFA?… Thanks..GOd BLess

    • jean

      Hi Ms. Arlyn! Regarding renewal of passport, if you are holding a GREEN colored passport, you only need 1 valid government ID and your old passport. But if your holding MAROON / RED colored passport or the E-passport, you need to secure 1 valid government ID, old passport and NSO BIRTH.

      If you are going to have it through travel agency, YES ma’am. You have to schedule an appointment from the travel agency for your DFA appearance. And the following instructions will be given to you once you already have a date for appointment. But if you planned to go directly to DFA, no appointment is needed. 🙂

  • Kristine

    Hi! Can I renew my passport in Cebu even if im not from Cebu? Im from Leyte.

    • jean

      Hello Kristine! Yes, you can renew your passport in Cebu regardless of your origin. Just don’t forget to secure requirements for renewal. 🙂

  • Jenny

    Hi! I just want to ask if the Baptismal Certificate is really that necessary in relation to passport application?… Wouldn’t be gov’t IDs/NBI clearance, NSO, and ourself suffice? 🙂

    • jean

      Hello Jen! If you already have NSO birth, NBI clearance and 2 valid government IDs…….that would already suffice as the main requirements provided that you are a single female (not married) and your NSO birth is readable.

  • donna

    Helo po good day I.just want to ask I did not finish my school but I want to have a passport for some reason makakakuha po kaya ako??

    • jean

      Hi donna! Are you still a minor? How old are you na po?

      • jean

        If you are at legal age already, you could apply passport na po regardless of your educational background. Just provide basic requirements. 🙂

        • donna

          im at my legal age na thankz for the info

  • Stella

    Sa Pacific Mall lang ba merong DFA dito sa Cebu?

    • jean

      Hi Ms. Stella! Yes, ma’am. Sa Pacific Mall lang po ang office ng DFA dito sa Cebu. 🙂

  • remar

    Sa pacific mall dfa lg po ba pwde mg apply ng passport?

    • jean

      Hi! Yes, doon lang po sa DFA Pacific Mall pwedeng mag.apply for passport if you wanted to process it in Cebu. If you are in Manila, DFA also has office there. 🙂

  • Tina

    Hi! Good day! I’m still 17 po and would like to apply in getting a passport. What are the requirements needed po and what is the closest branch to apply for a passport in Cebu? How much will it cost din po? I’m hoping to get a response as soon as possible. This is my first time and I barely know anything. Thank you very much! God bless!

    • jean

      Hello Tina! Since you are still minor, you must apply together with your mother or father. If they (your mother/father) already have passport, secure that one for it will be presented as one of the requirements for minor applicants. For other needed documents, please refer to my article at the last part of it in “What are needed?”.

      If you planned to avail our service, our passporting fee is Php 2,500 (all in) rush processing (15-20 working days).
      I think it is better to approach a travel agency (like us) so you will be guided accordingly.

      We only have one DFA Office in Cebu and it is located in Pacific Mall, Mandaue.


      • Tina

        Does it have to be that both my parents have passports? Because my father has none. He didnt apply to get a passport. Im actually turning 18 in a month, would you recommend I wait until I’m 18? Would it then be a less hassle? Regarding your service, how does it work? What are the advantages in availing in a travel agency like yours and what makes it better? Thank you!

        • jean

          Hi Tina! Its not necessary that both your parents must have. Your mother’s passport is enough. Much better if you are already 18 so can do it by yourself. Regarding the advantages of seeking for an agent’s assistance, you can read it at the last part of the article.


          • Tina

            Hi! Thank you for your response. I’m starting to consider availing in your agency. Where do I start? I can take the days to comply all the things needed before my birthday. About ID’s, I only happen to have one ID – my school id. Pretty much that’s just it. Would it be acceptable? And why is the processing fee for 2,500? Thank you so much for putting up this blog. Such a big help!

          • jean

            Hi Tina! I’m glad to hear that from you! Thank you! ^_^

            You need to secure first all requirements. As long as you are currently studying, your school ID is enough.

            Regarding the rate, it is already rush processing which will take 15-20 working days to process that’s why it is quite expensive.

            From what school are you? If you won’t mind. Because there are some instances that DFA asks for other ID if school is not familiar to them. So you will be guided accordingly.

          • Tina

            Hi! How much will I have to pay if I don’t go with rush processing? I’m currently studying at the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) but I am to transfer at another university by the next semester. Would they accept it? I’m feeling quite nervous and scared about this stuff since it’s my first time.

          • jean

            Travel agents are only allowed to assist for rush processing. Therefore, we don’t have regular processing for passport. But if you want the regular processing, you may go directly to DFA.

            Yes, new school ID is valid as long as you are enrolled in that school/university.

            Don’t be scared! The process is so easy. No hassle. Just be sure to prepare all needed documents. ^_^

          • Tina

            Hi! Okay then, sounds fair enough for me. How may I reach you? I might be applying for a passport by mid-septemeber. Thank you so much for helping!

          • jean

            You can just visit any of our branches here in Cebu City:

            1) Upper Ground Floor, SM City Cebu – near Sun Burst
            2) Ground Floor, Elizabeth Mall (EMall) – fronting Chowking
            3) 2nd Level North Arcade, Banilad Town Center – just above Dimsum Break

            Just present requirements for checking and the payment then you’ll be given application form and a schedule for your appearance. And the following instructions will be given to you once all is set. ^_^

  • Janine

    Hi! Just wanna ask if i need to fill up the form for appointment?

    • jean

      Hi Janine! What form do you mean? There is no other form to be filled-up but the application form. Appointments are only applicable for applicants applying through travel agencies. ^_^

  • Elaine

    Hi, if I may ask. Do we still need to queue or does the cebu dfa schedule appointments?

    • jean

      Hi Elaine! It depends. If you’re going to apply directly to DFA, you need to queue. You must start queuing 3am or 12 midnight because there are a lot of applicants. I swear!

      But if you are going to seek assistance to travel agents, no need for you to queue. The agents will be the one to get a priority number for you. So its hassle-free, right? 🙂

  • aehr

    hi! 🙂 im really having trouble regarding about the passport requirements. Just wanna ask if nso authenticated, nbi , postal id and baptismal certificate will be fine as a first time applicant for passport? thanks in advance! 🙂 or can you at least give me some reliable agencies that process passport? 🙂

    • jean

      HI Aehr!

      You can just visit any of our branches here in Cebu City:

      1) Upper Ground Floor, SM City Cebu – near Sun Burst
      2) Ground Floor, Elizabeth Mall (EMall) – fronting Chowking
      3) 2nd Level North Arcade, Banilad Town Center – just above Dimsum Break

      Postal ID is NOT valid. NBI and baptismal cert are enough as support documents. If you are planning to apply the soonest, just present those documents and our staff will verify those and will give you further instructions and advices. 🙂

  • glenda

    Hi! I just want to ask i only have baptismal,NSO and voters id…..can i get my passport on that requirements??and i have my 2year old daughter and i like to get her a passport also.

    • jean

      Hi Glenda! Just add other one valid government ID for your docx. For minor, NSO birth, NSO Marriage cert of parents, and baptismal. Better to process your passport together since presence of a parent is a must.

  • janet

    hi! i want to have my passport process in your agency, but all i have is birth and marriage certificate( nso ). baptismal, barangay and police clearance, form 137, cfo certificate, and student drivers permit. i dont have a valid id issued by the government but i have the philhealth id card and some old expired student and employment id’s which i know wont be accepted. do you think you can help me with this? and when is the earliest slot?

    • jean

      Hi Ms. Janet! I think you better visit one of our branches and let us check your documents so you will be guided accordingly.We can also reserve you a slot once your docx will be submitted to us and to follow what is lacking.

      1) Upper Ground Floor, SM City Cebu – near Sun Burst
      2) Ground Floor, Elizabeth Mall (EMall) – fronting Chowking
      3) 2nd Level North Arcade, Banilad Town Center – just above Dimsum Break

  • Quin

    Hello. I have to process my passport soon. I have these documents: NSO Certificate ( a little blurred but readable ): Voter’s I.D: Voter’s Certificate: NBI Clearance: Postal I.D: College I.D ( but not valid) these are my documents. Do I need others documents?

    • jean

      Those will suffice na for processing. Friendly reminder: if you are not sure about your NSO certificate, better to provide Local Birth Certificate. Just to be sure. But if you are planning to go to an agency, you can just first let them check on it if that will pass in DFA clearing for docx.

      • Quin

        Hello Jean,

        Thank you for you quickly answer. It is really helpful. I have a old local Birth Certificate. Do I need a a new local Birth Certificate and need to stamp from NSO?

        • jean

          Hi! The old one will do as long as it is not torn. Regarding the stamp (authentication), if NSO birth is really blurred or impossible to read, thats the time you need to authenticate it to NSO.

          • Quin

            Thank you Jean, I sent a message in your email address in contacts.

          • jean

            Hi! you mean in this email ad,

            If ever you didn’t received any reply, just contact any of our branches:

            B.166 Upper Ground Level, SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
            Tel: (032) 2312461 to 63
            Fax: (032) 2310852

            G024 G/F Elizabeth Mall N. Bacalso Cor Leon Kilat St., Cebu City
            Tel: (032) 2562306 / 4177226
            Fax: (032) 417722

            2nd Level North Arcade, Banilad Town Center (above Dimsum Break)
            Tel: (032) 3451525 / 3454360

            Thanks! 🙂

          • bella

            Do you have branch in Davao?

          • no branch in davao

  • Trish

    hi, i just want to know what the requirements are so i could renew my passport (maroon) and how much the fee is going to be

    • jean

      Hi Trish! Please provide the following:
      1. Old Passport
      2. NSO Birth Cert
      3. 1 valid government issued ID

      Fee for renewal is still 2,500pesos (agency rate)

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  • Mich

    Hi.. Does your agency process passport amendments like changing of family name?

    • jean

      Hello Mich! yes, we assist for passport amendments. requirements for that are:

      your old passport
      original NSO marriage cert
      1 valid government id

      if married to a foreigner, please secure original copy of CFO cert.

      • Vanz

        hi ..can i renew my passport even if its still valid for years..coz i want to use my husband’s surname and thats the reason that i want change it.pls advise me..thank you much

        • jean

          Hi Ms. Vanz! Yes, miss. You can renew your passport regardless of its validity. For requirements, just secure NSO Marriage Certificate and 1 government issued ID. If married to a foreigner, additional requirement of CFO certificate will be submitted. ^__^

  • alex

    hello! i want to get a passport ( new applicant ) for my 9 yrs old son..can anybody tell me what’s the complete requirements?

    • jean

      HI Alex! for minor applicants, requirements are:

      NSO Birth (and local birth if NSO is blurred)
      Baptismal cert
      Marriage cert of parents
      passport the parent


      • jean

        documents must be all in original copies…….^_^

        • alex

          thank you! actually i’m here in the other country right now, so only my
          wife can accompanied my son to dfa but she doesn’t have a passport yet,
          so can she used any valid id or something?

      • alex

        thank you! actually i’m here in the other country right now, so only my wife can accompanied my son to dfa but she doesn’t have a passport yet, so can she used any valid id or something?

        • jean

          I suggest to let your wife apply for passport instead together with your son to avoid to much hassle in your part providing so sooooooooo much additional documents just to allow your son to be approved for passporting by dfa. ^_^

  • iah

    Hi may i ask if the NSO birthcertificate will be given back after ?

    • jean

      Hi Iah! NSO cert will not be given back to you anymore……. 🙁

      • KAYEE

        oh! why? o.O?

        • jean

          Hi Kayee! It is really their (DFA) rule to keep your original copy of NSO for their documentation and for record keeping purposes. 🙁

  • Ces

    Hi, I have my NSO, Local BC, Voter’s ID, and school ID for my passport processing. Do I need other documents?

    • jean

      Hello Ces! Kindly secure also either of the following: Voter’s Certificate, NBI Clearance or Baptismal Certificate.

      I think you have voter’s cert since the ID comes with the cert. If it is still present, that one will be enough and your good to apply. 😀

  • Cy

    Hi! I dont have NBI clearance for passport application but I have other supporting documents such as Community Tax Cert, TOR, E1 Form and Barangay Clearance. Also, NSO Birth Cert. Would these already suffice for the needed requirements? The IDs I have are alumni ID and old company ID.

    • Cy

      By the way, I’m planning to avail the passport assistance in your travel agency. 🙂

      • jean

        TOR is valid as supporting doc.

        Aside from NSO birth cert., please provide government issued IDs like TIN, SSS or GSIS. A company ID is fine but please secure work certification. 🙂

        E1 Form or other forms are not valid. IDs should have your birthdate, picture and signature. 🙂

        • Cy

          oh 🙁 I thought those documents are valid as indicated in the DFA website.. Thanks though.. 😉

          • jean

            I know you find it inconvenient regarding our requirements. Those advised are based on the experience of our liaison officer who assisted our clients to DFA. We are just assuring the best that we can to avoid repeat application for our clients just because of invalid documents. ^_^

  • Ann

    Im planning to process my passport and my children in your agency. what are the requirements for the kids whos 4 and 5 years old. Im single mother of 2.

    • jean

      Hello Miss Ann! I suggest that you will apply for passport together with your children since minor applicants should be with their parent. For minor applicant’s requirements, kindly secure NSO birth certificate and Baptismal Certificate.

      • Mark

        I have a question. I also am going to process for 4 and 6 year old, but I am not Christian. Jewish father and a baptismal doesn’t apply. Will they process without one or is there a substitute?

  • bing

    hello good afternoon,,,i want to process my passport i have already a NSO birth certificate,,Voters Id,and Postal Id,,, its that enough to process passport?

    • April Lescano

      Please comply the following:
      For New Applicants:
      1. NSO Birth Certificate
      2. Local Birth Certificate – LCR
      3. any two supporting documents:
      a. NBI
      b. Voter Certification with Official Receipt
      c. Baptismal Certificate
      d. T.O.R. or Form 137
      4. personal appearance @ DFA office – mandatory
      5. NSO Marriage Certificate (for married woman)
      6. 2 Valid IDs

  • Loudette

    How much is the processing fee?

    • jean

      Hi! In our company, it costs 2,500 pesos – rush processing 15-20 working days.

  • tintin

    Is NBI clearance really necessary???
    It’s very hard to get one right now since NBI offices are really crowded, others have reservations…:(

    • jean

      Hi Tin! Nope. You can provide any 2 of the following: baptismal certificate, voter’s certification, or TOR instead.

  • alona

    Hello..I lost my passport and planning to apply new one. What to do?

    • April Lescano

      Hi, if your LOST PASSPORT IS VALID, you have to present affidavit of loss and police clearance and will let DFA to verify and wait for 15 working days before we can start processing the passport. IF LOST PASSPORT EXPIRED, you have to present affidavit of loss only. Please comply the following:
      For New Applicants:
      1. NSO Birth Certificate
      2. Local Birth Certificate – LCR
      3. any two supporting documents:
      a. NBI
      b. Voter Certification with Official Receipt
      c. Baptismal Certificate
      d. T.O.R. or Form 137
      4. personal appearance @ DFA office – mandatory
      5. NSO Marriage Certificate (for married woman)
      6. 2 Valid IDs

    • jean

      Hi alona! you have to secure affidavit of loss. but better visit 1st DFA to track your record. 🙂

  • Hyacinth Evaldez Alvarez

    Hi!i just wanna ask if im going to apply for a passport with your agency new applicant poh ako saan poh ba ako magsisimula?i just need it asap thats why i applying it with the help of your agency thanks poh

    • April Lescano

      Hi Hyacinth, Thanks for your inquiry. Please start on gathering all you documents. Please see details below:
      For New Applicants:
      1. NSO Birth Certificate
      2. Local Birth Certificate – LCR
      3. any two supporting documents:
      a. NBI
      b. Voter Certification with Official Receipt
      c. Baptismal Certificate
      d. T.O.R. or Form 137
      4. personal appearance @ DFA office – mandatory
      5. NSO Marriage Certificate (for married woman)
      6. 2 Valid IDs

      Please call us for more informations.

    • jean

      Hi hyacinth! really sorry for the late reply! 🙁

      just secure documents mentioned in the last part of the blog. Just present those to one of our travel agents and she will be the one to advise what are the valid ones and what are still needed.

      hope this still helps. 🙁

  • Paul

    Is NBI clearance is necessary in getting Passport..??? i only have TOR,Police and Brgy.clearance, old college ID,
    please reply po i need to get my passport badly…

    • April Lescano

      Hi Paul, thanks for your inquiry, you need to have a NBI clearance since you dont have any valid ID( government issued/SSS/PRC/Driver’s license)) For more query please call us.

    • Applecrest

      we have the ssme problem. 🙁

    • jean

      Sorry po talaga for the late reply! 🙁

      Hindi po talangga necessary yung NBI. You can present baptismal cert, voter’s cert or TOR. The advantage lang po sa NBI is that it is a strong proof of your identity. But you can replacement other docs mentioned above if wala po kayo nyan.

      I hope this still helps. 🙁

      • Cherry

        Hello mam jean yung form 137 ba is really required when applying for passport .

  • madmaxgentle

    how many days does processing Renewal of Passport if I look for Agency ..
    thank You.

    • April Lescano

      Hi @madmaxgentle,this is April, passport renewal will take 15-20 workings on rush processing which we usually cater and costs PHP2,500 ALL IN. Please advise if you want us to reserve you. As of now, our available slot for the appearance at the DFA is by last week of March already. For more info please call us anytime. Thanks.

    • jean

      Hi! It will normally take 15 working days (rush processing) but sometimes we cannot assure that it is really 15 working days because sometimes there delays. So most probably it will take 20-25 working days. 🙂

  • Applecrest

    hello ma’am, may I ask if NBI clearance is really required when applying for passport? I’m due to fly to Japan by May this year and yet unfortunately I can’t get my NBI clearance, 3 months after pa because of numerous applicants here sa Cebu. what’s the best thing to do? can it be other documents nalang?

    • jean

      Hi apple! I hope my reply is not too late. Its not necessary. You can present your baptismal cert as supporting and two government issued IDs like voter’s cert/ID, SSS, TIN and PAG IBIG IDs

      • Applecrest

        okay, thank you so much. but i’m afraid I am still a student. I can only present my school ID. i have my NSO with receipt and baptismal. I also have other documents like my TOR with readable seal. would it suffice without the NBI clearance?

        • Jean

          Ur valid school id and tor are enough as supporting docx plus ur nso and baptismal if u r a student. 🙂

  • datdat

    gud evening ms jean…. i would like to inquire regarding the validity of the NSO… I got it last november 2013… can i still use it? thank you very much

    • Jean

      Hello dat! Ur nso doc is a lifetime doc. No expiration. As long as it is not torn or is still in good condition. Better if u keep the nso receipt too. Coz in applying passport, dfa will look for it. ^_^



    hi,I just want to ask if i can apply to get passport this kind of requirements. NSO birth certificate,postal Id,NBI clearance,baptsmal,brgy.clearance,and police clearance

    • jean

      Hi liezel! Brgy and police clearances are not accepted. But those other docs are enough for you to process your passport. Just be sure ur NSO birth is readable, if not, you have to secure local birth cert. 😀

  • areen agdon

    Hi, is community tax certificate okay for Supporting documents? 🙂

    • jean

      hello areen! DFA won’t accept that. You can present, NBI, voter’s cert and baptismal cert.

      • areen agdon

        thank you 🙂

      • areen agdon

        hi jean! i have another question. i hope you can answer me 🙂 i have my barangay clesrance, police clesrance, baptismal and voter’s certification, are these documents okay for my application? another quedtion, my father’s name is spelled wrong in mu baptismal? is it okay? thank you so much 🙂

  • marie

    Hi! I’m going to renew my passport. However, I don’t have most of the documents that are required particularly the NSO birth cert as I was born in another country. Also, I usually renew my passport abroad and this is my first time renewing here in the Philippines. All I have right now is an NBI clearance, police clearance and my current college id (i looked up the dfa site and it says “Old College ID” so i don’t really know if my college id is ok?). And if I get my NSO birth, are those docs enough? thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Jha-jha Dungog

    Hi ! I just wanna ask if my documents are enough to get a passport. I have NBI,NSO,POSTAL ID,TIN ID,BAPTISMAL. Am I missing anything else? Tnx for the reply 🙂

  • yahoo

    Hi i just want to ask if dfa would accept
    my mothers local birth certificate?
    My mother is late registered.
    Nso cnt give her nso birth certificate for now.
    We need my mothers passport ASAP.

  • Joshua S. Palabon

    Hi 🙂 it is necessarily to have baptismal certificate ? i really need my passport this May 20..

  • Kirby

    hi just wanna ask if its ok to process a passport w/o an nbi clearance because its hard to get one. 2nd question my nso birth certificate was late registration but i already process it but unfortunately not release yet but i do have an Local Birth Certificate from Cebu City Health. It is valid? 3rd question do you work in a travel agency? if yes? please tel me wer soo that i can contact with you. thank you.
    hope for your kind feedback (^_^)

  • Shelle889

    Hi kukuha ako Ng passport next month.i have NSO and my live birth,police clearance,NBI,cedula,form 137 and 138,Baptismal.i have only postal I.d and philhealth I.d.
    Asked lang ko kung pwede na na nga requirements or kulang pa?thanks and ASAP

    • April Lescano

      You must have at least 2 valid ID ( government issued), SSS, driver’s license, PRC ID. phil health and Postal are not valid

      • Shelle

        Thanks April
        nakakuha na po aq Ng passport at tinaggap nila yung philhealth id and postal id q..thanks god

        • true love mj

          hi i just want to ask shelle if postal i.d and is acceptable for req. ng passport thanks

  • Frances Dianne Manatad Abangan

    good evening.. i just wanna ask how much is the latest FEES for passport processing? thanks!

  • nick

    Tatanungin ko lang po kung okay na po ba requirements ko. I am yill a student. I have Schol ID, NSO birth with OR, NBI Clearance, Certificate of Enrollment sa school ewith stamp seal and community tax certificate.. Hope meron mag reply and confirm.

    • April Lescano

      Please also include your study load..

  • Leds

    Hi ,do you know agency which I can get my passport rush one week from now?
    Please I need some advice I need to go next week badly

    • April Lescano

      Im sorry but there is no 1 week processing for passport.

  • merdan

    Hi good evening .. Can I ask if my documents are OK nahh to process my passport ? I have with me my birth . barangay,police and nbi clearance. Voters certication . and I have with me my alumni ID is it enough for me to present nah? Thanks. I want reply ASAP.

    • April Lescano

      Hi Merdan,

      Yes , your documents are enough already. You can process you passport now.

  • merdan

    I have also my TOR for more supporting documents. Is it OK nahh ? Thanks

  • apple

    hi.. enough na po ab itong documents ko for passport?voters id, bir id, baptismal certificate, nso, brgy clearance, police clearance at sss e1 form?

    • Shelle

      That’s enough already Apple.
      Agahan mo Lng pagpunta doon.kung pwede 12 midnight ka pumunta doon.
      Nakuha q na passport q last month.

  • true love mj

    hi pls help me i have nbi,police clearance,baptismal,postal id and nso birth certificate is that enough po ba para mka kuha ako ng passport? i also have sss E-1 form

  • Jessa

    good evening po.. i would like to ask if Baptismal Certificate, NSO, NBI would be my supporting documents and for my ID is school ID – Im still a Student would this be enough.?

  • rosevery

    Sa Friday na ako ku2ha ng passport,but I’m still worried na baka Hindi tanggapin ung I’d na I present ko, myron lng ko postal I’d,tin I’d,ung digitalize I’d ko lng is my barangay I’d and ung ma present ko lng din na employment I’d is village I’d nag trabaho ako as house helper.myron nman Kong supporting documents like. NSO,NBI,police clearance, barangay clearance, cedula, voters certificate, I approved kaya ng dfa ung nga documents ko?

  • Carla

    Hi question lang po.

    Kailangan po ba tlga ung NBI clearance? Student pa lang po ako. Ang meron po ksi ako ay SSS E1 form, police clearance for DFA purposes not for travel abroad, brgy. Clearance, NSO birt certificate, local birth certificate, baptismal, cedula, voter’s registration form with passport picture and seal(municipal officers said its valid for passport application because I just turned 18 and it will take a while for me to receive my voter’s ID. I only have 1 valid id and that is my college ID. Are these documents enough for my passport application?

  • norve mae

    hi ! pwedi po ba magtanong , i am 17 yrs old right now , and then this nov 17 2014 i am turning 18 , an this month in august need to process a passport , acceptable nga ba ? or talagang need parents , kasi 17 pa ,. peru talagang need ung passport

  • chidotisoso

    hello po!!!
    tanong ko lang po kc ang meron lang sakin ay mga ito NBI,NSO,Form 137,Year book ,Diploma at voter’s certification pwede na po ba ito ng pang apply for passporting..tnxs …I need some answer please asap…

  • applebees

    Hi, I am applying tomorrow but I only have my voters ID, PhilHealth ID, barangay clearance, and NSO birth certificate. I do not have the marriage contract. All my ID’s has my married name but my birth certificate has my maiden name. Will I still be able to apply? Thank you.

  • Mae

    Hi!!! kinahanglan pa ba jud ang NBI clearance? kini lang ang naa ko

    Birth Certificate (SECPA)
    Voter’s ID
    Philhealth ID
    TIN ID
    Alumni ID
    College ID
    SSS E1 form
    Postal ID
    Old Employment ID

    Okay na kaya ni nga documents bisag walay NBI clearance?

  • jenny

    Hi.. ask q lang kung acceptable din po ba ang TIN id sa pagaaplay ng passport?

  • Noemi Lontayao

    Pwede po ba yung present college ID ko? Kasi wala na saken yung mga old ID

  • Ivy Velez

    hello gud am. can u pls help me, can I process my passport with the following papers? cert. of live birth, cert. of baptism, nbi clearance, voters certificate.

  • Rhea

    I went to DFA Davao & iba ang requirements nila sa website. All I have is College ID, new NBI, POLICE & BRGY clearance. Then requirement nila ay dapat 2 years old na yung mga clearance, di naba ako pwede makakuha ng passport nito? Tsk! Di ba nila tinatanggap mga bago ko na clearance? Gumasto pa ako, di rin kami napagsabihan ng NBI na kelangan 2 years old medyo unfair kung sa ganun. Haist!

  • jho

    Hello good day. we went to DFA the only id i have is TIN id,but they didnt accept it,,my voters id / sss id is not yet release..can VRR will accept,,pls help me..tnx

  • andrew

    my appointment po ako nung jan27 2015 pero kinulang po ako sa i.d..kailanangan ba magpa appoinment ako ulit?tanong ko lang po.

  • delai

    hello po pano po kaya nanay ko mag aapply para sa passport nya .. Emergency po kc . 2 na po kc kids ko dto sa germany 18 months and 4 months old medyo hirap ako sa pag aalaga work kc aswa ko .. Mag isa lang ako need ko c nanay ko as soon as possible po e . pde kaya mag apply nanay ko ng emergency as in ung mdalian po tlga . ano kaya dpat gawin nmen or ng nanay ko ?

  • rej

    hello po.
    may concern po ako regarding sa marriage contract ko. for renewal and change status po ang passport ko. mali po kc ung first name ng mother ko sa marriage contract namin ng asawa ko. makokwestyon pa po ba un? kahit po may mga valid id’s na ako gamit ang surname ng mister ko. salamat po.

  • Amelia

    Good day!!! Ask Lang ko if akong documents ok na ba para mag apply ug passport? I have , birth certificate “local” then I have also from NSO authenticated, the ID I have only drivers license , I have NBI , CENOMAR and baptismal. Reply is highly appreciated, Thanks!!!!!

  • joy

    good day po:)
    ang meron lang po ako ay nso birth certificate-ssse1 form transcript of record diploma/certificate in college and company id sa work po ok n po ba yun

  • eipryl

    hi po.. kinukuha po ba ung original na nbi kapag magaapply ng passport?

    • Unfortunately due to the volume of questions and comments in general on the site, we are not able to answer all the questions at a timely manner. Email inquiries are prioritized and answered much faster. Please send your inquiry via our contact form –

  • ryn

    Kakakuha ko lang ng NBI at Police Clearance which is yung purpose nya is for local employment, Pwede naba yun to get passport? or need ko ulit kumuha nun na ang purpose na nakalagay is for passport purposes?

  • Jean

    Hello po tanong lang po nagpasa po ako ng requirements ko for passport pero ang na stapler po is yung original ko na nso at nbi clearance pati personal copyko which i haven’t notice. Hindi ko na po ba makukuha yun ? Or kukuha na naman ako panibago nso at nbi clearance? Thank you po.

  • Iris Bauer

    Hi OK lang ba na TOR from college ipapasa KO sa DFA instead of form 137 kc form 137 talaga hiningi nila sa akin kaso TOR lang maibibigay ng college school ko. Been applying for 4 times but always failed dahil lang wala akong form 137 required po kc nila sa akin yun coz my birth certificate was late registered they also ask for baptismal but I never get baptized kc may pa seminar seminar pa eh need KO na talaga passport KO…thanks po for the response !

  • jay

    may iba pa bang way mapabilis releasing ng passport ko pls help need ng employer ko. release date ay july 23, 2015 may iba pa bang way pahelp po

  • Mikomae Mendoza

    Hi po! Patulong naman po I’m 19yrs old and ang nga requirements klng po dto at new NBI,POLICE,BARANGGAY,CENOMAR AND NSO. Nawawala na po mga luma Kong school id. Makakakuha na po kaya ako passport sa Aug 6 na po appointment ko . THANKS IN ADVANCE!

  • kraushell KOURTNEY Vincoy

    is voters certification is part of passport requirements?

  • Jr Kuizon Sinoc

    Hi question lang po! i have NBI clearance(local employment) Transcript of Records, Driver’s License, TIN I.D, Community Tax Certificate, NSO, SSS-E1 form pero 2012 pa sa naissue sakn.. ok napo ba yan para mkakuha po ng passport? Ty po sa sasagot 🙂

  • Renè Santos

    Hi do i need to submit original copy of my nso for new passport ?

  • melody batayola

    hello po..puede po bng kumuha ng passport ang minor without the mother..puede po bng guardian ang kasama nya,for example ung lola ang kasama nya kumuha ng passport??? salamat po..

  • jessica

    Can I ask po if what will be my other option if I don’t have voters ID? I have here my NSO Birth Cert., TIN ID, PHIC ID, College ID And Birth Cert of my son.. Is this enough for me to get a passport?

  • elma cabreros

    Hi Jean,

    Ask lang unta ko., naa mn gud complication sa akong NSO nga birth certificate with my middle name, dili mao ang spelling instead of GURA, nahimong GORA. Nya when i applied to my current job 3 years ago, i asked our HR personnel when i filled up the form pra sa BIR ug unsa jud akong gamiton, ni-ana ra man nga kung unsa lang ang akong na-andan, so i used GURA since nakapa-buhat nmn sd ko ug joint affidavit. Now, my problem is i’m planning to get a passport, nya wala na koy laing ID aside sa akong current company ID kani ra jud TIN ID. Masangit ba ko ana nig apply nako? Need your assistance please. Thanks.

    • Arjane Ann

      Hi Ma’am Elma, yes musangit jud ka ana Ma’am . Because kinahanglan nila ang mga supporting documents like gov’t ID’s atleast 3 or 2 . Then, Ang TIN id secondary lng na sya. Dapat naa kay UMID id or SSS,GSIS, voters Id.
      Hinaot nkatabang ko sa imuha Ma’am..

  • Roxan

    Hi ask ko lang po

    Wala pa kc akong government id hirap po kc makakuha ng sss I’d, ang meron ako brngy. Id, bagong postal id ngaun, tapos police I.d, wala na po kc ung old I.d ko like student I.d, ung mga documents ko nbi, police clerance, baptismal, nso, form 137, sss e1 no. Ok na po ba yan?

  • dimple

    i applying passport for me and my son nag schooling na sya he isb4 yrs old but the problem is yung i.d. nya wrong spelling ang 1st name andrei ang nakalagay instead of aldrei and napansin lamg nmin to now na oapaxerix ko i.d. nya what will be yhe other option lapit na po schedule namin help naman po

  • Cheeny Elmedulan

    Okay lang po ba kong ang ID na ipapasa ko yung id ko na postal married status at voters id sa single pa ako.meron din naman po akong TIN id.NBI,old school id.

  • John

    hi! 🙂 is ok if i will only bring a photocopy of my TOR? 🙂

  • ivy dee albag

    hi question lang .I have confirm passport application at july 20 I have other ducuments they need but my problem is my sss id I don’t have yet kasi by September pa dw makukuha or marelease anu iba optionpwde ku magamit para maka pg apply ng passport kasi sabi they don’t accept the postal id they only accept sss id or voters id. help lang po.

  • eij

    hi, di pala gumgana yung email na nilagay ko, pinagawa lang kase ako. pano ko ma kacancel ang application ko

  • vonn hausen

    What if I give them a wrong spelling of my name on my birth certificate?

  • paulene sabalboro

    Mali po ung pangalan ng papa ko na nakasulat sa form ko paano po un

  • Leslie Galaez Guay

    my passport got a suspended remarks and I am a first timer applicant, the DFA in Gensan said I have to wait for a memo that would come from the DFA in Manila, but it has been weeks already. when will it truly arrive in the DFA gensan?

  • marry Lee

    Excellent Blog. I think very useful for all people. keep up the great posts! Passport Services in Los Angeles

  • Alicia inofeio

    Hi i would like t know about late registration birhcertificte and postal valid id and tin id’ are those enough to apply passortu

  • Jane

    Hi. Can i ask po! I only have Postal ID, Voters Certification which is valid daw for passport, NBI, Police Clearance, Birth certificate, NSO. Pwedi na po ba ako makakuha ng passport? Please needed of your response. Thank you so much 👏

  • Rain Co

    Magka iba po pirma ko sa Voter’s registration record at sa Postal id ko, ano po ang pwede kong gamitin pirma kasi my schedule appointment na po ako sa Dfa

  • harold deleon

    wala po akong ID na iba maliban sa school id ko pero 18 na po ako pero ano po ba kailangan kog gawin para makakuha ng passport

  • Go-go Gutierrez

    good day po. hindi po tinanggap yung form ko magdala daw po ako ng baptismal record and form 137. ibig sabihin po ba dun kukuha ulit ako ng schedule, panibagong appointment po ulit? salamat po sa sagot