Packing Tips and Tricks

written on July 28th, 2016 by

There’s this magic trick, most of the wanderlust wish they knew:

How to efficiently pack for a trip?

Variations of the trick are: How to pack light? How to pack everything? And magically not exceed baggage allowance?

Packing light is the best advice for travellers but it isn’t for everyone. That is, aside from those instances where you really are transporting a lot of baggage. No matter how we emphasize how less stressful and practical it will be when moving from one place to the other, some people just can’t seem to leave some things behind. And who can blame them?

So for those who can’t pack light, pack right.

Here are some tried and tested tips to take out the puzzle from packing:

  • Make a list. This stops you from packing way too much. Only list what’s needed. As a bonus, it helps you not to forget anything.
  • Choose your wardrobe appropriately. Check your itinerary, activity, and weather for your trip. You really don’t need to pack stuff you will most likely not use.
  • Roll or Fold? I use both techniques where applicable. Because some clothes are hard to roll or they become too thick, which defeats the purpose. So I play a little Tetris when packing.
  • Use small bags or pouches to organize the small bits. I usually have 3 to 4:
  • For toiletries (preferably clear and waterproof),
  • A separate for make-up (right ladies?),
  • One for all chargers, plug adapters, USB and minor gadgets,
  • Lastly, one for small accessories. I wear a lot of fancy jewelry. If you want a rather inconspicuous way to keep valuable jewelry use the old medicine box / empty chapstick tube trick.
  • Reuse plastic / shower cap as shoe covers, of course to keep the rest of your things clean. Also packing shoes can be tricky. For one they eat up a lot of space. So choose which pairs to bring wisely. Wear the bulkier ones (like boots or sneakers) en route. And to maximize space, insert small items inside the shoes (socks, gadgets, belts etc.)
  • Pack the heaviest bulkier stuff at the bottom. This would make a good foundation and prevent the bag from toppling over. If you’re using trolley bags, pack the heaviest nearer to the wheels.
  • Use luggage that can easily distinct as yours. Or have a unique bag tag.

Practice makes perfect. The more often you travel the more you figure out what works best for you. You will develop packing habits and discover new methods that will make your travel a breeze. Hopefully this list is a step towards that direction.

As a bonus, here’s a video full of packing tricks: