Don’t Forget These Travel Essentials

written on August 22nd, 2016 by


Defining travel essentials may differ from one traveller to another. Because as we all know, we are different and have varying degrees of what we deem a priority. So while I see the list below as essentials when I travel, some may bring more and others less. The basics will also depend on the nature of the trip. Business? Or leisure?

The list covers a generalized category of things I would normally bring no matter the purpose of my trip.

Travel Documents:

These are worth checking and double checking. You can never be too sure. It would also be a good idea to have a waterproof folder or filofax for these papers.

  • Passport (with proper visa if applicable)
  • Ticket / Boarding pass
  • Supporting documents (travel/medical insurance, certificates, endorsements etc.) if applicable
  • Photocopies of important documents, passport, ID’s – especially if travelling abroad


  • Phone(s) – Nowadays it’s a given. Most phones these days can give you everything at your finger tip. Browse the net, access you emails, play games, and take quality photos. Whether for business or leisure the cellphone comes in handy. Consider your phone’s potential before you think about lugging a tablet, laptop, eBook, and other gadgets. Just don’t forget your charger as well.


Apart from the outfits, the following are some of the basics that is good to have when travelling especially when en route.

  • Jacket / Coat.
  • Scarf – This can double as a blanket, a cover-up, or even a headband. There are many ways to wear a scarf as it can spruce up any outfit.
  • A change of clothes – especially if travelling long haul, nice new clothes can do wonders to the psyche.
  • Sunglasses – apart from shading from the sun, this is excellent when you want to catch a few Zzzzzzz’s. 😉
  • Hat – If you’re into hats or a beanie, whatever is your headgear of choice. Great for keeping the head warm and hiding bad hair days.

Toiletries / Personal Hygiene:

As a rule, if I can buy my toiletries in my destination then I don’t bring much. But for long haul journeys, the travel kit will come in handy for instant fresh-ups. Particularly you want your toothbrush and wet wipes handy.

Medical Kit:

Just your basic meds (for allergies, common colds, headaches etc.), band aids, and a small bottle of alcohol.


This is of course a no-brainer. But what most people tend to overlook is the type of bag sturdy enough to carry all you need. So whether you’re getting a backpack or a trolley, remember function over form on this one. A nice looking bag won’t do you any good if it’s easily damaged.


Here’s a little bit extra that I think is essential, packed food. Sure you can probably buy them off at the terminal, but packed food will save you some money. Also you never know if there will be food to your liking, or if stores are still open.

While you’re at it, pack extra zip bags. Those things come in handy: Waterproof seal for your gadgets if you end up swimming or wet from rain. Organize small knickknacks. Or a handy trash bag.

Does our list match up to what you think are essential?