Do These 6 Things When You’re in Iloilo

written on January 26th, 2017 by

Iloilo is blessed with rich culture, beautiful beaches and delectable comfort food.

Here are 6 things you can do when visiting this progressive province:

Check out the islands

Like most places in the Visayas, Iloilo is blessed with pristine white-sand beaches and teeming marine life. On top of the list is Isla de Gigantes, which boasts of craggy limestone cliffs and aquamarine lagoons similar to those in Palawan. If you’re looking for something more laidback, Agho island may be the destination for you.

Comfort Food

Iloilo is full of comfort food! Try authentic La Paz Batchoy or Pancit Molo to warm you up for a rainy day.

Celebrate Dinagyang

Iloilo is home to one of the most colorful festivals in the country, Dinagyang! Similar to Cebu’s very own Sinulog and Aklan’s Ati-atihan, Dinagyang celebrates the Sto. Nino every fourth Sunday of January. Come with friends and enjoy the festivities.

Take a trip to Little Baguio

Iloilo has its own summer capital in the outskirts of Bucari. There are crop terraces, waterfalls, pine forests and campsites. You don’t have to go far for a breathtaking experience similar to Sagada or Baguio.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Did you know that in the past, Iloilo used to have the highest concentration of millionaires outside of Manila? That may explain why the province has a lot of grand ancestral houses you can visit. Take a trip to Camina Balay Nga Bato or for the ultimate throwback experience.

Bask in the Culture

Iloilo is teeming with rich history and culture. Experience the local life and stroll around the recently restored Calle Real. Or if you’re in for a more laidback experience, take a stroll at the River Esplanade and bask in that beautiful Ilonggo sunset.