A look in Japan through the eyes of #Fernanese

written on June 4th, 2015 by

Destination Specialists along with the Fernan Clan recently took a twelve day trip around Japan. During our trip to Japan, we, along with a few generous donors, hosted an Instagram challenge. The idea was to post interesting pictures on Instagram showcasing anything about Japan. Pictures could range from street photography, landscapes and architecture, selfies, group photos, and food.

We divided the challenge into 3 rounds. They were the Tokyo round, Princess Cruise round, and the Kyoto/Osaka round. Each round had 5 winners. Here they are:

Waiting for the train by @

subwaiting | Photo by @ninacayosa


Photo by @miostark


Photo by @melborro


Happiness is only real when shared. | Photo by @mf3


Photo by @paoled005


Photo by @melborro


Bamboo Forest | Photo by @mannyfernan09

Nina - Busan

nauBUSAN na ako ng pake | Photo by @ninacayosa

Monk in Busan

Time for prayer in the house of peace. | Photo by @miostark

Sofia - Busan

Dragon temple lanterns | Photo by @squiogue


For more photos into one great family experience and to get a sense of how great Japan is, feel free to browse around #Fernanese.