A Look at the Many Faces of France [Rendez-vous en France 2017]

written on June 29th, 2017 by

Earlier this year, Rendez-vous en France, a huge travel market, was held. In this event, 740 French exhibitors met 892 tour operators from around the world. Destination Specialists was lucky enough to be one of those tour operators. We were represented by none other than our passionate traveler and CEO, Marget Villarica.

Prior the actual travel market, tour operators were treated to a familiarization tour of Normandy. Here they got to explore spiritual and religious destinations like Le Mont Saint Michel, Alencon, Liseux, and a few more places in between. Post travel market, our CEO continued her spiritual trip to Nevers, Rocamadour, and Lourdes.

Here are a few words from Marget as she tries to put her unforgettable experience into words:

Regards to the Normandy Adventure and Rendez-vous en France travel market –

“There is nothing like knowing the destination and experience seeing it myself. It has been a wonderful and fruitful conference, not to mention my new found business friends that I met along the way. France is a lovely country and there is so much to offer. Thanks to Morad for the opportunity.”

Summing up her entire France trip after she finishes her post tour –

“Thank you to everyone for your wonderful hospitality. France is truly a wonderful country and there are just so many places to explore. To all the wonderful travel colleagues that I met along the way, I will surely be in touch. Au Revoir mes amis!

Travel is definitely a visual treat so we’ve rounded up a few of her pictures to give you a taste of what she experienced:

*Photo above – Le Mont Saint Michel – Photo credit: Sandor

First stop Le Mont Saint Michel

Marget with tour director Maryse

New Found Friend, Lumina

Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, Photo Credit – Sandor

House where St. Therese was born in Alencon.

Graindorge Cheese

Yum! Cheese!

Graindorge Cheese tasting

Hermitage – Accommodations for Pilgrims

Boulard House of Calvados Distillery

Such a fun tour group

St. Therese childhood home in Les Buissonnets

Saint Wandrille Abbey

Valmont Abbey in Gruchet le Valasse

Rendez-vous en France

Rendez-vous en France Morad with Filipinos and Rakso Travel

Outside Rendez-vous en France

Shrine of St Bernadette

Room of St Bernadette where she died.

Tour of the garden of St Bernadette

Rocamadour and Dordogne Valley – Exploring

Rocamadour and the Dordogne Valley – Cecile May, hospitable friend

Stain Glass Maker – Chantal

Exquisite Views

Lourdes Sanctuary