7 Awesome Things To Do in Davao

written on January 10th, 2017 by

Davao has been getting a lot of attention lately. Famous for its cleanliness and discipline, Davao City is the main metropolis of Mindanao.

Here are 7 things you can do in the country’s durian capital:

Feed Crocs at The Crocodile Park

Not far from the city proper is Davao’s Crocodile farm, a 26 hectare development that protects wildlife and promotes its conservation. The place is perfect for kids — there are animal talent shows in the mornings and during the afternoons, they highlight the importance of wildlife conservation. Around the park are various species of animals – crocodiles, orangutans, ostriches and Bengal tigers. Don’t forget to enjoy the crocodile durian ice cream while you’re there.

Stroll Around People’s Park
If you ask me, People’s Park is one of the best-kept public parks in the country. The area sits at the heart of the city and features a durian-shaped dome, various playgrounds, sculptures depicting local culture, and spaces for sports and family bonding.


Some say it’s quite stinky, but you simply can’t go to Davao without trying durian! Head over to Magsaysay Park or Bangkerohan to try its milky goodness. While you are at it, there are lots of other fruits to be had. Try pomelo and mangosteen. Aside from being incredibly tasty, they aren’t expensive either.


Photo from Backyard Burgers

Go on a foodtrip!

Davao’s local food scene is delightfully thriving. Head on out to Backyard Burger for hefty yet affordable burgers. Blue Post has some boiled crabs and shrimps that are to die for, and Jack’s Ridge has a wonderful view of the city lights at night.

Chill in Samal

The Island Garden City of Samal is one of the quickest beach getaways from the city. The island is home to the famed Pearl Farms and a slew of other beaches and islands that you can enjoy. Try to find the vanishing island and enjoy the clear waters while at it.  If you’re into a bit of a thrill, try the Monfort Batcave where thousands of bats reside.

Catch Waves at Dahican Beach, Mati

Dahican Beach may well be a surfer’s dream come true. Located in Davao Oriental, it’s a four-hour drive from the city that boasts of a long, white-sand beach and beautiful waves perfect for skimboarding or surfing at any time of the day. Along the way, stop by the Sleeping Dinosaur– a land formation that uncannily looks like a T-rex napping on its belly.


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Visit Davor, the Sperm Whale

While in Mati, don’t forget to make a side-trip to Subanga, Davao Oriental’s cultural center and museum. Here, you can find Davor, the only sperm whale skeleton on display in the Philippines, quite a sight to behold. The museum is also filled with interactive exhibits that feature Davao Oriental’s rich culture and natural wonders.