5 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Cebu

written on May 9th, 2017 by

1. Cebu has everything you need

Some people think that having the beach, the mountains and the big city all in one place is a dream. Well, Cebuanos simply call that home. In this island-slash-city-slash-province, everything you need is just minutes away. The beaches of Mactan are just a stone’s throw from the airport. The mountains of Busay? A quick ride from the city. The city is also full of food and shopping delights. When all of these get you tired, the famous southern hideaways are a bus ride away.

2. Cebu’s beaches are stunning! And there’s a lot of them, too.
Well, it wasn’t named 6th best island by T + L Magazine in the world for nothing. In Cebu, you can find many of the country’s best beaches. There is the famous Mactan island with its luxury resorts. The white-sand beaches of the South, like Moalboal and Badian, are a favorite for backpackers. Bantayan island and its famed sugar beach are a destination for those who want to hide away from the world. And that’s barely scratching the surface. There’s always more to discover in Cebu.

3. There are 6 waterfalls. And that’s just in one town
Samboan town in the south of Cebu has not one, not two but at least 6 known waterfalls! Take your pick from these stunning bodies of water:  Aguinid falls has 5 tiers and is a crowd favorite. Dao falls is taller and has a deeper basin, with cool and crystal clear water. Binalayan hidden falls is, well, hidden deeper in the forest but is worth the trek.

4. You can go on a food coma without breaking the bank
Cebu’s food is gloriously affordable and mouth-wateringly good. If you know where to look, you can have the most scrumptious lechon, seafood and dessert without breaking the bank. You can go splurge on a high-end resto one day, and eat with your hands at Larsians on another. The possibilities are endless!

5. You can jump from one island to another
Island hopping trips are one of the best things to do in Cebu. It’s surrounded by other stunning islets that offer amazing marine life. Cebu is also the gateway to the rest of the Visayas. The nearby islands of Bohol, Negros and Kalanggaman are but a boatride away.