5 Haunted Places in the Philippines

written on October 5th, 2017 by

It’s October and there’s no better time to travel somewhere scary. Instead of celebrating Halloween at home, go on a real spooky adventure. There’s no stopping you. Who knows? You might be surprised to find a scary little spot near you.

The Philippines might be better known for our wonderful people and pristine beaches, but we have a long bloody history which lends itself to a few scary stories as well.

Here are 5 Haunted Places in the Philippines:

  1. Siquijor island

Siquijor’s haunted reputation was amplified by a local movie called Siquijor: Mystic Island. The movie showcases everything Siquijor is known for sorcery, witchcraft, and mysticism.

Watch the trailer above.

  1. Manila Film Center

“And not to be outdone, Madame Imelda, stealing the combined glitz from everyone, floated in wearing a couture terno by Joe Salazar, its hemline generously endowed with peacock feathers.

If anyone noticed the squish beneath the red carpet, no one was saying. To those in the know, the cement underneath the carpet was still a trifle wet; evidence of the rush job the building went through in trying to beat the deadline; a deadline that claimed lives of an unquantified number of construction workers whose bodies lay buried underneath celebrity feet shod in expensive designer shoes, some caked in wet plaster.” Rogue.ph

  1. Diplomat Hotel in Baguio

“During the World War II, numerous nuns and priests were beheaded here. This is believed to be the reason why headless apparitions can often be seen during the night inside the hotel. The employees and guests also claimed that they would often hear strange sounds coming from the building. Crying coming from kids and babies became a common noise, which can be attributed to the massacre of numerous children done at the fountain.” Aswangproject.com

NatGeo – I WOULDN’T GO IN THERE – Clark Haunted Hospital from Gabriel Basilio on Vimeo.

  1. Clark Air Base Hospital, Pampanga

Earning itself a spot on National Geographic’s I Wouldn’t Go In There, Clark Air Base Hospital experienced plenty of death and decay as it was used during World War 2 and the Vietnam War.

Watch the episode above.

Photo from choosephilippines.com

  1. Public Cemetery in Lambusan, San Remigio, Cebu

In many public cemeteries, the tombs are usually paid for on a year to year basis. In Barangay Lambusan, it is said to be one of the poorest in Northern Cebu which results in many unpaid tombs.

“Human bones are reportedly stacked in a common area, the place being among the poorest in Northern Cebu and many of the surviving kin could no longer pay rent for the tombs of deceased family members.

It is also possible to see skulls and bones scattered here and there in the old cemetery. The place gives visitors the creeps. Sightings of ghosts have also been reported.” Philstar.com