4 Hidden Spots in the Philippines Worth Visiting

written on June 20th, 2016 by


The Philippines has 7,107 islands. There are so many places to explore in this scattered archipelago. Places like Coron, Bohol, Cebu and Boracay get most of the press, but there are plenty more hidden spots in the Philippines worth visiting.

Here are four places worth a look:

1. Siquijor

With tales of witchcraft and the unknown, Siquijor inspired a Filipino movie called Siquijor: Mystic Island. The movie represented the place well. Not only did it show the side of ghost stories, but it also showed Siquijor’s natural beauty and serene beaches. Definitely worth more than just a passing glance.

If you’re a lover of nature and all things outdoor, by the beach or deep in the forest Siquijor is a one stop island to explore. Take your pick from diving, snorkeling, waterfalls and cave exploring and trekking through forest trails.

2. Apo Island

Located southeast from the tip of Negros Oriental, Apo Island is a 12 hectare volcanic island. It can be reached by a 30-minute motorized boat ride from the village of Malatapay, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. It is also has one of the uniquely well documented community-organized marine sanctuaries since 1982. The success of the project has since then led to the formation of other marine sanctuaries scattered around the country.

With over 600 documented species of fish and 400 species of corals, naturally the Island is great for diving and snorkelling. Plus you can enjoy the serene beauty of clear waters and rock formations when you take a break from swimming.

3. Calaguas Group of Islands

The Calaguas is located in the province of Camarines Norte. It’s like a mini archipelago with some major and minor islands. Nestled among the Calaguas is Tinaga Island. Known for Mahabang Buhangin, a stretch of white powdery sandy beach. Despite its remote location and the lack of accommodations for tourists, people still find their way to experience the crystal clear waters and camp along the beach.

The locals, who are well aware that the beaches could suffer from a sudden influx of tourists, are working together with authorities to preserve the natural state of the place and still promote eco-tourism as part of their livelihood.

4. Batanes

To break away from the usual beach, sea and sand getaway that is clearly abundant in the Philippines, we go to another remote archipelago province all the way up north. The very tip of the country, is Batanes, a province in the Cagayan Valley region.

Batanes is made up of 10 islands, but only the 3 largest ones (Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat) are inhabited. The province is characterized by its hilly and mountainous terrain. Providing a breathtaking backdrop, almost uncommon in the country. The province is the smallest in the country (population and area wise). You can stand on the highest peak and look out to the sea not far from where you stand.

So what is there to do in this remote island province? Kickback and relax. Slow your pace a little. Disconnect and reboot yourself. Enjoy fresh farm food, and soak up the simple life. This is for you.

The list above does not cover it all. While some places are more popular than others, I don’t doubt that every region has its own hidden spots, worthy of tourist attraction accolades. But we must also note that some of these beautiful spots have remained so for a reason. We must also be responsible as visitors to keep the sanctity of the regions and keep them as they are when we leave.